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About Us

Our most important values are the quality and professionalism of our service, our willingness to perform, and confidentiality.


Helveticimo Luxury was created to meet the specific demands of its growing national and international upscale clientele.

This market sector needs a superior level of service.

In the luxury sector the selection criteria are stringent. Helveticimo Luxury is fully committed to respecting the choices of its customers and providing future buyers with a list of properties that matches their wishes.

Communication is a key element in the luxury market. Based on our experience, Helveticimo Luxury treats its mandates in a confidential and secure manner.

Helveticimo Luxury can also offer buyers/investors the option to co-finance the construction of medium to large properties. The buyer/investor is therefore involved in a community project and receives an attractive return on investment.

- José Canton, Director Helveticimo Luxury/Helveticimo SA.