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José Canton - Director
Téléphone mobile +41 (0)79 964 70 03
Email :

I leave each day with passion and the desire to make the difference.
With a background in architecture and in sales, I decided to create Helveticimo. We are a human size company and we lead our clients in the entire process of buying or building their house. Our ultimate aim is client satisfaction. We have great and very interesting projects. The challenging requirements of our customers are stimulating and rewarding.

It is a pleasure to work with my colleagues, who are all very experienced; coming from different backgrounds, with great complementary potentials. Our weekly sessions are rich in sharing knowledge. They are very formative & constructive.

I have an architectural draftsman training. After working in several architectural offices, in 1990 I turn away from the architecture to start selling computer drawing programs for architects. This new position has allowed me to practice my listening and counseling skills. Today I am proud of this company.


Florence Sebastiani - Broker
Mobile phone +41 (0) 79 458 58 20

I got my first real estate ‘job’ serendipitously when a friend called twelve years ago and asked me to help him with a plot of land near Lausanne. My friend knows me as a person who can “pull things together and find a viable solution,” which I did.

I learned about “business solutions” and “customer service” while working for SGS. At Helveticimo, I particularly like to interact with clients and help them find and acquire their dream property.

The best solutions do not grow on trees but you can coax them to grow if you pull the right parts together.


Doris Lachat - Broker
Mobile phone +41 (0) 79 302 77 03

I like to take my clients right into the heart of the Swiss Riviera region with its breathtaking view and reflect on where they would like to live.
At Helveticimo, sometimes I get clients looking for a home close to stables where they can board their horses, or even a property that includes stables. Passionate about horses, I’m probably one of the few agents in the region who can help clients find this type of property.

Active in public relations for years in the eastern part of the Lake Geneva region (Lausanne to Montreux) I got a great deal of professional experience promoting and selling the region’s services and products.


Louis Schmidt - Broker
Mobile phone +41 (0)79 460 65 24

Working in real estate with Helveticimo allows me to apply my skills while helping clients find and buy their dream property. My technical competences in real estate are very valuable when advising customers. My different professional experiences have thought me how to really listen to people and find out what is most important for them.

I trained as an apprentice carpenter and with my entrepreneurial instincts joined the kitchen and bath design and sales. I have also been a professional drummer, since I was raised in a musical family. My grandfather was the composer and orchestra conductor Loulou Schmidt.


Nicolas Ghisolfi - Broker
Mobile phone : +41 (0)79 954 69 93
Email :

Clients choose me because I am an open-minded person, I think « outside the box ». I share clients values, and I am confident in what I’m doing, being constantly challenged by numerous unknown demands and constraints. I work in this business since nine years and as a hands-on person I like to be fully involved in both selling and transforming properties.

I was born into the real estate business and my father taught me all the rules of this very challenging profession.